Children between 3 to 5 years old
Children between 5 to 12 years old
Mixed Adult Classes
Fitness For Women (Ladies Only)
  • Increases physical fitness & self confidence
  • Achieves harmony of body & mind
  • Teaches defence of body & mind
  • Enables one to reach Inner peace & unleash the inner power of the individual's soul
  • Awakens muscles that were rarely utilized
  • Teaches the art of breathing which has long been forgotten due to the modern way of life and
  • Enables one to reach and maintain a state of relaxation


The physical aspect of Nearu is a training system that will increase the students’ stamina and strength, making them faster, more accurate and agile. With movements based from the guard position which in itself is designed to strengthen the legs to ‘reflex’ movements designed for everyday self-defence, Nearu gives the student the ability to protect themselves and boosts their confidence.

Through practicing the breathing and mind control techniques which are taught from the beginning stages the students learn to harness the natural power/energy within and to utilize it when required. The students learn to deliver this power in the lower belts by breaking bricks with the hands and feet with very minimal effort and as they progress they attempt to break the bricks without any strikes and pure delivery of power.

The teachings of Nearu combine the art of self-defence body and mind and constantly feed the nervous system with oxygen resulting in a peaceful mentality for the individual and enables them to become more aware and confident.

The Nearu physical fitness is the basic training for maintaining natural health without the use of any equipment, hard outdoor exercises, or diet system.

Nearu uses the classic martial arts system to check and recognize students’ progress. The belting system works as follows : White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown and Black.

The class activities vary according to the need of students, starting with general exercise to warm up the muscles and balance and the coordination then covering some techniques and finally the practice of breathing & muscle control-meditation .