The Power of Breathing

Breath is the very first gift that human being receives when he is born and it is the very last thing that he loses in life.

As children we are all taught how to sit, how to walk, how to speak and how to eat. But we have never been taught how to breathe properly. This is most important of all our functions and yet because we all manage to survive with the bare minimum we never give it any more thought.

Within our breath lies the power to keep us warm when we are cold, increase our strength when we require and the key to unlocking so much of our potentials. But unfortunately due to lack of knowledge we all tend to lose track of our breath when we become emotional, angry or stressed and we do not realize the damage we do to ourselves in the process.

All the training in NEARU has its core based on correct breathing. Through breathing and concentration the student learns how to break a solid object such as a brick by only delivering his power, or be able to break an oncoming brick to the stomach only by concentrating their power in a specific point or even in instructor stages how to take punches from all sides simultaneously without any pain or injury.

From a mental aspect once the students learn how to breathe correctly it has an impact on their entire point of view. They become better at their studies or jobs, they have higher energy levels and generally start to feel much happier and calmer.