Philosophy of NEARU

The philosophy of NEARU is based on Peace, Love and Understanding. With its roots deep in the mountains of the Himalayas, NEARU teaches students to protect themselves in times of danger. The breathing techniques taught in NEARU are what the previous generations developed in order to adapt themselves to their harsh environment and keep them safe from their surroundings.

 The concentration and breathing lessons enable the students to be in full control of their emotions at all times making for more balanced human beings all round.

 Special breathing and mind control techniques, enabling one to centralize seven elements within the self-the instinct, senses, energy, awareness, internal heat and inner strength. Through the progressive deepening of understanding of these elements provided through the study of NEARU, students have overcome fear, negativity, anger, substance abuse and many other problems found in the stressful life imposed by what is called the Modern World

NEARU is taught on the base of the following seven elements:

- Bravery: From the very first session, it takes a certain amount of bravery to step into something one has limited or no knowledge about. This very same bravery is what is required to enable one to overcome the fear of what is unknown and progress through training and learning in order to be able to see the fruits of their labor. One should overcome his/her fear.

-Leadership: As the students move towards the higher belts they take on more responsibility within their classes as preparation for those who wish to become instructors. At higher stages the Chief instructors oversee the teaching quality in different schools and Principal Masters hold and lead Grand Training Sessions

-Sacrifice: In order to achieve our goals we must be prepared to put in the time and effort. So sacrifice in this sense means being prepared to accept the challenge to better oneself.

-Unity: The aim of NEARU is to create fitness awareness and to educate, encourage and motivate people of all age & nationalities to stay fit & to realize the importance of exercise in order to provide a healthy & peaceful atmosphere for the individual, the family and the society as whole.

-Peace : When we are born we all have the will for Peace. By becoming able to defend our body and mind we learn to hold on to

-Knowledge (Self-Awareness): A person who is faced with terrible danger can produce a reaction which requires strength far beyond that of a normal human being can imagine. Inner Strength that is within all of us, and occasionally manifests itself in extreme situations. Sometimes there is no explanation for it.