Self Defence

Physical Self Defence


There are classes for:

  • Children
  • Adults and
  • Women Only

The self defence classes are minimum of 1 hour long held three times a week. All classes start with warm up exercises, stretching and general fitness exercises designed as a full body workout to strengthen the whole body and increase stamina.

There are three main types of movements in NEARU:

1. Movements - Forward stepping attacks from the guard position

2. Steps - Mixture of defence and attacking techniques

3. Reflexes - Movements designed for defending surprise attacks whilst standing in a normal posture

Through the repeated practice of the movements the students become stronger, faster and more accurate as they progress through the belt rank.

Self defence of mind

In today's world it has become a necessity to be able to defend one's mind as well as their body. With all the negative influences of modern day life, stresses, worries and daily confrontations the need to take action to find and maintain peace of mind is ever increasing.

Nearu provides just the environment required for the body and mind to start progress together with harmony.